The Evolv Cruzer is a great looking shoe that hides an even greater potential for the traceur looking for parkour appropriate footwear. This is because Evolv has been around since 2003 making some of the best rock climbing shoes in the world. The similarities between the two sports have helped make the brand’s Cruzer model extremely popular with traceurs. Evolv sponsors such world renowned rock climbers as Chris Sharma, Peter Croft and Daila Ojeda so you know their brand is trusted by people who actually stake their life on it. Although not a shoe made strictly for parkour, this “casual” rock climbing shoe might be the prototype for what an actual traceur shoe would look (and feel) like.

Like any good climbing shoe, the Evolv Cruzer provides great flexibility with a canvas body and high traction TRAX rubber sole. Any rigidity means more work on the climber when trying to scale their challenge, so this is not an issue with the Cruzer. While the shoe will give you some comfort in the heel, the front is pretty thin with a flat EVA midsole that is thin but cushiony. This heel support, however, makes for more comfortable landings, while not sacrificing the agility the front of your foot needs. Its “casual” aspect means when your parkour practice is done for the day, you’ll have no issue wearing it around town and may even get some fond looks for its fashionable style.

The Evolv Cruzer works on more than just rock as well. Traceurs also report having success performing with them on concrete, brick and even wood surfaces. In fact, the Evolv Cruzer is even pretty good on wet surfaces, though these can always be dangerous. Its combination of flexibility and tread make the Evolv Cruzer a shoe adept at tackling almost any kind of surface your favorite stomping grounds can dish out.

Fortunately, the inside of the Evolv Cruzer is no disappointment either. Its split tongue design means you get the aforementioned benefits with all kinds of comfort on the inside. Again, because it’s not a strict rock climbing shoe, it was designed with more conventional uses in mind. Your Evolv Cruzer provides a snug, tight, yet comfortable fit that will keep you in control of your actions and make you confident in your next step. You can wear it with no socks as the Cruzer works to extract any moisture and the microfiber lined memory foam insole will give your foot plenty of relief.

Being a shoe built from a renowned rock climbing company means it can take a beating. While there might be some debate as to which sport puts its practitioner through more, everyone can agree a shoe that’s built to allow the wearer to climb the sheer face of a cliff is going to be no slouch in putting up with adversity. So your Evolv Cruzer will be able to survive its first parkour experience and many, many tours to come afterwards. Their elastic laces almost make it nearly impossible for them to come done while you’re in the middle of action.

For all its benefits, the Evolv Cruzer does carry a more expensive price tag with it. While some can be found online for only thirty dollars, expect to pay more in the sixty to seventy dollar range. That being said, for the extra money, you get a great shoe you can also confidently wear out for more casual purposes. In fact, the heel even folds down to provide you an extremely comfortable experience when it’s in “slipper mode.”

Though they are not a strict rock climbing shoe, the Evolv Cruzer brings plenty of the benefits you would expect from one made by a world class company. There’s a reason they won The Urban Climber Magazine Editor’s Choice Award. While you will probably pay a bit more for them than other parkour appropriate shoes, their price brings plenty of benefits with them. Expect a comfortable fit after a little breaking in and durability that will keep them performing day in and day out. Their trendy look comes in four equally trendy colors meaning you can go from your favorite parkour spot to that night’s hotspot without changing.

Overall, these shoes score a 9/10.